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  1. Techno6377

    Draft NatDex Ubers I - Round 3 [REPLAYS ARE MANDATORY]

    Activity Win Request - Opponent has been very unresponsive to my messages and scheduling attempts all week.
  2. Techno6377

    Draft Scream Tail

    GP Team gm
  3. Techno6377

    Copyediting Weavile [gp 0/1]

    qc 2/2 - much better, just rewrote some sections & added a few notes.
  4. Techno6377

    Copyediting Ceruledge [GP 0/1]

    Add Remove Notes qc2/2 - lmk if you have any questions
  5. Techno6377

    Resource Draft League Advertisement Thread

    Owner's Discord Tag p2techno League Name P2 Laboratory League Format National Dex, Custom Rebalanced Pokemon format Discord Link (if applicable) Application Link League Description Season 2 of P2...
  6. Techno6377

    Copyediting Weavile [gp 0/1]

    Add Remove Comment Reworded a lot of the paragraphs and left lots of notes. Not gonna QC approve this yet as there's a lot of changes that need to be made. When you've made these changes, we can take another look. Let me know if you have any questions.
  7. Techno6377

    Copyediting Kyurem [GP 0/1]

    Add Remove Comment qc 1/2 - mainly lots of rewording sentences. you know where to find me if you have any questions :)
  8. Techno6377

    Draft Scream Tail

  9. Techno6377

    Draft Dragonite

    Add Remove Comment qc 2/2 - lmk if you have any questions, pretty good overall
  10. Techno6377

    Draft Glimmora

  11. Techno6377

    Draft Scream Tail

    [overview] **Draft order**: Round 4 onward **Price range**: 12-13 points **Overview**: Scream Tail serves as a great support option with its incredible Speed, solid bulk, and typing. It has access to a wide variety of support moves that can help shut down powerful threats on opposing teams...
  12. Techno6377

    Resource Reservation Thread

    scream tail
  13. Techno6377

    Draft Glimmora

    GP Team gm
  14. Techno6377

    Draft Tinkaton

    Add Remove Notes qc 2/2, mainly just a few small grammatical changes / sentence rewording, all the right info's there though
  15. Techno6377

    Draft Glimmora

    ready for qc2 smile
  16. Techno6377

    Draft NatDex Ubers I - Battle Pools [REPLAYS ARE MANDATORY] techno vs hamish pool 40
  17. Techno6377

    Draft Glimmora

    [overview] **Draft order**: Round 3 onwards **Price range**: 13-14 points **Overview**: Glimmora is a versatile Pokemon that offers many different forms of support to a team. It is one of the most consistent entry hazard setters in the format with access to Spikes, Stealth Rock, and its...
  18. Techno6377

    Draft Blaziken

    Add Remove Notes qc 2/2 - good info overall, just left a few notes of things to add & reworded a bunch of things
  19. Techno6377

    Draft Donphan

    Add Remove Notes qc 1/2 - good start, just expand on most points